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10 Amazing Amazon Home Finds You’ll Want to Add to Cart

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Today I’m sharing 10 amazing Amazon home finds that you will want to add to cart! If you missed it, you can check out 10 things Amazon made me buy here, as well as my travel essentials here.

Slim White and Silver Laundry Cart | Efficient Laundry Organization

1. Slim Laundry Cart 

This laundry cart is amazing! It has three tiers and is slim so it can fit into tight spaces. This cart is a great home find, especially if you have a small laundry room, to maximize your space. I use it for my laundry room, but it can be used anywhere!

SHOP IT HERE: Slim Laundry Cart

Raving Review:  have very little space in my bathroom and this is exactly what I needed! My original plan was to put it between the toilet and sink but I didn’t really measure before ordering. However, it’s thin enough that it isn’t in the way! It holds everything I need it to and more! Definitely recommend this product! –Amazon Customer

White Metal Blanket Ladder | Chic and Practical Home Storage

White Metal Blanket Ladder Display | Stylish Blanket Showcase

2. Blanket Ladder

This blanket ladder is so beautiful and homey! I love storing my throws on it in my living room, but you can also use it to store towels on as well. Alternatively, you can use this ladder as a way to store your clothes. This blanket ladder is one of my favorite Amazon home finds. It looks good in any room and can be used so many ways!

SHOP IT HERE: Blanket Ladder

Raving Review: I’m always wary about products requiring self-assembly (probably due to all the IKEA mishaps I had as a college student), but this item took less than ten minutes to assemble. Well-made, sleek ladder and a unique decor accent. –coolitbrittney

White Geometric LED Lamp | Modern Lighting for Every Space

3. Geometric Lamp

This beautiful geometric lamp from Amazon makes the perfect addition to any end table, entry table or anywhere you want! It’s neutral yet makes a great accent piece.

SHOP IT HERE: Geometric Lamp 

Raving Review: I ordered four of these. They arrived in two days. Each was packaged perfectly, so none of them had a single scratch or dent. They look exactly like the pictures. All four work properly. The assembly was simple and quick; just unscrew the ring, place the lamp shade on, and screw the ring back on. They’re tall and beautiful and the style will compliment just about any type of decor. I love them! –K. Jacobs

Cream Boho Pouf Ottoman | Cozy and Stylish Seating Accent

4. Boho Pouf

Another great Amazon home find is this pouf! It makes a great ottoman and addition to your living room.


Raving Review: Love love love! I ordered two and they are the perfect size and perfect price! That’s usually the price of just the cover but you get the filler and cover so you can’t beat it! And Fast shipping. –Sadie Lee

Wooden Bed Tray with Collapsible Legs | Convenient Breakfast in Bed

5. Bed Tray

This bed tray is perfect for lazy mornings or breakfast in bed! It’s foldable so it can be easily stored, and and made of bamboo.


Raving Review: Nice bed tray. There’s plenty of room for anything you’d like to put on it. Seems sturdy enough & look well made. I just had surgery on my left hand & I’m in a cast. My nightstand is on the left side of my bed so I was having problems reaching what I needed. With this tray I no longer need to use my nightstand. I’ll continue to use it even when my cast is off. They really come in handy! –sandy

Expandable Under-the-Sink Storage | Organize Your Kitchen or Bathroom Essentials

6. Expandable Under the Sink Shelf Organizer

Another one of my Amazon home finds is this expandable shelf organizer for under the sink. I love this item because you can adjust the shelf if you have pipes in the way. I like how it helped me organize my under the sink kitchen cabinet.

SHOP IT HERE: Expandable Under the Sink Shelf Organizer

Raving Review: This is a shelf. It’s hidden under the sink most of the time. But I am impressed by the design. the height is adjustable, and width of the shelf is adjustable, and the arms are adjustable! Easy to assemble. Took me longer to rearrange my cabinet than assemble it. Get this! -mark woeppel

Rustic Brown and Black Ladder Bookcase | Industrial-Chic Storage Solution

7. Ladder Shelf

I use my ladder shelf often. I love that I can store so much of my things on it! I’ve styled it here in my bathroom. It makes organization much easier.

SHOP IT HERE: Ladder Shelf

Raving Review: I am impressed with the product quality. I can be judgy (lol) about how shelving looks. I am so pleased with the height of the shelving. It held all the books I wanted to move. The shelves also come out a little further than the sides. It gives the shelves more width, and that’s wonderful. I may buy one more for my living room. Excellent for smaller corners of the room that are empty. –Vennie Kocsis

Mirror Finished Digital Alarm Clock | Sleek Timekeeping with Style

8. Digital Alarm Clock

This digital alarm clock is awesome! It’s aesthetically pleasing and looks great in any room! I love using mine. There are 3 levels of brightness, which is perfect if too much light disturbs your sleep. Plus, it has USB ports!

SHOP IT HERE: Digital Alarm Clock

Raving Review: I enjoy the simplicity of this alarm clock. Not too many features and buttons to have to learn. Alarm works great though you have to turn it on everyday. So if there is one thing I could change it would be the option to set it on an automatic alarm. Alarm is loud and effective. About the size of an iPhone 12 Pro. I added a photo of the size next to a phone case for reference. Comes with two usb outlets which is nice for being able to charge other things and save plug space.- Christina Flud

Luxury White Bath Caddy | Elevate Your Bathing Experience in Style

9. Luxury Bathtub Caddy

I love this luxury bathtub caddy because it fits so many things on there! You can set a glass of wine (or other beverage of choice) on top of it, a book or magazine, your phone, candles, etc. It has so much room to make your luxury bath dreams come true. You can also adjust the size of the caddy to fit your bathtub!

SHOP IT HERE: Luxury Bathtub Caddy

Raving Review: I bought this item intending for it to be a Christmas gift. As it turned out, the gift was not needed and the item stayed on a closet shelf for months. A few days ago I ran across it and took it down. While looking at the outside of the box I thought, “Gee, this is really quite nice. I’d love one of these.” I paused a couple of seconds, then decided it was my lucky day and ripped it open. I took it out, put the pieces in their places, positioned the tray across the tub (plenty long enough), and turned on the hot water. Ooooo, myyyy gooodnesss! It is wonderful. My baths, which I have always loved, are now a true spa time complete with: facial, full body skin care, music or audio book, a magazine or book, and refreshments (fresh cherries & a favorite drink). I appreciate the security of the tray to hold my I-phone/electronics, eye glasses, and hand mirror. The caddy is the bomb: relaxing, fulfilling, and joyful. I look forward daily to a long soak. I may buy an I-Pad to kick it up a notch. What fun! I covered the soap holder and the two inner compartments with foil to make cleaning a jiffy. The wood and design are attractive and functionable. A tub/spa pillow is a must and inexpensive but not included with this item. I already had my pillow, which I bought from Amazon. 🙂 –Beje

Golden Bar Cart with Wood Laminate | Stylish Home Decor

10. Bar Cart

This bar cart is definitely one of my favorite Amazon home finds! I’ve made a post showing how I style my bar cart here. You can use it for anything! it’s so versatile. Check out my blog post on making a hot cocoa bar with this bar cart!


Raving Review: This cart is the perfect size and such a pretty color gold. It’s more of a matte color and not too shiny. I love that it has wine rack underneath for additional storage. It was very easy to put together. I got the gold mirrored tray & copper mule mugs on amazon as well. –Alison

I hope you found some great Amazon home finds in this post. Let me know what your favorite was!

xo, Anca
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