10 Amazon Products To Help Beat The Heat

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Summer is definitely in full swing here and although I long for fall, I can’t escape the fact that it is sweltering still. I like going for walks early (!) in the morning because as soon as mid-morning hits, it’s already too hot to go for walks on most days. I’ve put together a list of Amazon products that will help you beat the heat, if you’re in the same boat as I am! In case you missed it, I’ve also made a post of my essential travel items from Amazon, as well as 5 beauty products I use in my routine that you may want to check out!


Portable Fan

1. Portable Fan

I have posted about this fan before because I absolutely love it! I put it on my Peloton bike to stay cool when I’m working out. You can bring it anywhere and its “legs” are able to be clipped on almost anywhere. It is sure to help you beat the heat this summer!

SHOP IT HERE: Portable Fan


Handheld Fan

2. Handheld Fan 

If you want a fan you can bring anywhere, this is the fan for you! With over 3000 reviews, it’s a bestseller. It has 3 speeds and is sure to help beat the heat wherever you go!

SHOP IT HERE: Handheld Fan

Raving Review: This was so wonderful I had to buy a second one. We live in the south and it’s beautiful here but it’s humid. Growing up in California I don’t know what to do about adjusting to humidity but this certainly helps. It’s a wonderful tool and very well thought out and well engineered gizmo. I highly recommend it. I have one that’s a two speed smaller, and a three speed a little larger, both handheld but they easily fold into something that can stand on a hard surface. Just delightful. –Carol H.

 Neck Fan

3. Neck Fan

This is such a great Amazon product to help beat the heat! This neck fan rests on your neck and will help cool you down in no time. It also has 3 speeds and a USB charger. This is a perfect product to help you stay cool during the summer.


Raving Review: This is a great neck fan. I work in a distribution warehouse and it gets really hot during the summer. Add a face mask on to that and it’s miserable. Well this fan helps a lot. It has no fan blades so your hair doesn’t get wrapped up in it like others. I’ve been through two with blades and I won’t buy another. This fan is super quite. You can hear someone talking to you or computers beeping. It’s light weight so you hardly know it’s there but it hangs on when you are moving around a lot like I do. It takes no time to charge and last for over an eight hour shift. I am SO glad I got this and would definitely buy it a couple times more. –lpatjam



4. HyperChiller

I’ve shared about this before, but this HyperChiller is amazing. It can take any drink from hot to cold in a minute! Perfect for those hot days when you want something cold.

SHOP IT HERE: HyperChiller 

Raving Review: I bought this for coffee, but I have ended up using it to chill alcoholic beverages, and it was super convenient and worked great! I have only used it for coffee once, and it worked well. I only had to do the set up once, and nothing has leaked, so I just let it thaw between uses and rinse it out well before putting it back in the freezer. –

Cooling Towels

5. Cooling Towels

Okay these cooling towels are amazing! They come in a pack of four. You just soak them in cold water, wring it out, shake it a bit, then the towel stays cold for three hours. This is a genius product from Amazon that will certainly help you beat the heat.

SHOP IT HERE: Cooling Towels 

Raving Review: I bought these for a trip to Disney World which gets really hot and humid in August. I’d seen similar products but wasn’t really sure if they worked or not, but I can tell you that they really do. Just run it/soak it in water, squeeze out the excess and shake out or snap it a couple of times and put it on your neck or skin and you can definitely feel the cooling effect. I don’t know how it works, but it did. The “feels like” temp was 110 degrees with pretty high humidity and these towels were able to make waiting in the sun bearable. It also did a good job of absorbing sweat and helping to wipe away the stickiness. For the conditions I used it in the cooling effect would last about 2 – 3 hours as the towel would begin to dry out. However all you have to do is go through the same procedure as before and your good to go. Some people have commented that it is like a small hand towel – maybe they got a different product. Mine was true to the manufacturers size description of 40 x 12. It was long enough to wrap around my neck twice or hang from my neck loosely with about a 1 and 1/2 feet of towel on each side. Overall I’m satisfied for what I paid and it did the job I needed it to do. I would buy again and probably will soon since I lost one on my trip. –Kainoa68

Inflatable Pool

6. Inflatable Pool

If you have the room, an inflatable pool is an amazing way to beat the heat, and Amazon always has great prices.

SHOP IT HERE: Inflatable Pool 

Raving Review: Definitely Worth the price!! I bought this pool to replace a similar one that I purchased last year at a local big box store.. Some type of animal must have gotten to it because, their were rips all along the sides when we woke up one morning.. needed a quick replacement , with the nice weather coming my kids were very upset.. after reading many reviews and shopping around, I ultimately decided on this one.. we live in a heavily wooded area , and get many animals in our back yard, they like to drink from the pool at night, and I really was looking to save money, by not having to replace it again next year, so I needed something that would last!!
very happy that I made this decision.. this pool surpassed my expectations and more.. right of the box I could tell that it was made to last.
This pool is 10 times more durable than the one that it replaced, very thick and strong material – I am confident that it can withstand the sharp claws of any animal that goes near it.. it was also very easy to inflate and set up.. and it stays fully inflated for a good week.. has a good seal to keep in the air. Overall very pleased with this pool. Highly recommended. –

Chub Rub

7. Anti chafing stick

This anti-chafing stick is a game changer for hot days! You no longer have to suffer from chafing thighs with this anti-chafing stick, and best of all, it is non-greasy.

SHOP IT HERE: Anti-chafing stick

Raving Review: Finally, a product that WORKS! Chub Rub Formula is so smooth and gentle on my sensitive skin, and it holds up to our hot, humid weather for 6+ hours without needing to reapply. No scent, no residue, no grease. And I love that it’s all natural so I don’t have to worry about putting it on my thighs or under my bra. No more chafing for me!! -Sarah-Jane

Sun Umbrella

8. Beach Umbrella

A beach umbrella is a must to help beat the heat at the beach! This one is big which makes it the perfect beach umbrella. It also comes in six different colorways!

SHOP IT HERE: Beach Umbrella

Raving Review: This umbrella is legitimately one of the better ones out there. My friend bought a more common umbrella that we’ve been using all summer, that I compared this one to. When I decided to get my own, I found this one, mainly because it came in orange and was different from the other umbrellas available. I took the umbrella for a spin for the first time to the beach just yesterday, and was impressed by the experience of setting it up. The more popular purchased beach umbrellas (usually with some type of blue stripe) comes with this metal stick that you can use to screw the umbrella pole into the sand. But, this umbrella comes with a plastic handle that is more sturdy and lets you screw the pole into the sand faster, easier, and safer. Then, the grooves at the bottom of this pole are superior than the other one, b/c this one has thicker grooves, and once it’s in the ground, you can’t even turn it that much, it’s already secure. Lastly, it started to get windy on the beach, and with my friends umbrella, we had it almost a foot in the ground, but it still flew away. This umbrella stood the test of the wind, and was not budging at all. This is your ride or die umbrella, people. This umbrella is a game changer. Buy it if you are ready to elevate your experience, and then you can laugh at everyone else who doesn’t have this umbrella. –J.

Popup Sun Shelter

9. Popup Sun Shelter

If an umbrella isn’t your style, this Popup Sun Shelter may be! You can bring it anywhere and stay cool in the shade. This particular sun shelter comes in six different colors, and is big enough for 4 people.

SHOP IT HERE: Popup Sun Shelter

Raving Review: We did a lot of reviewing before settling on this tent, and bottom line ,we are extremely pleased. The tent packs up very small and light (easy to carry), it opens and closes very easy, and it’s a generous size for my wife and I and our stuff. We even had a small problem with the packaging when it arrived, and the seller addressed our issue very fast and to our satisfaction! We are very happy we bought this, and will recommend to our friends. –Marc W.



10. Cooler

A cooler is a basic yet summer staple for cold drinks. It’s the perfect add-along to any summer trip or day outings and will ensure your drinks stay cool.


Raving Review: The side handles tuck away nicely and pull up when you need them. As soon as you’re done, you can drop them in the side handles just fall in to place, unobtrusively.
Despite its size, it’s deceptively lightweight, which is a great thing. They’ve used a lot of air pockets inside of this thing to help insulate and keep the cold inside of the container. Unlike other containers that use a lot of filler that adds to the weight. This also comes with a handy draining valve to remove the water after it’s thawed out. Again, this is a nice touch as I’ve seen other coolers not have this feature. –
Steve Millerband

What are your tried and true ways of staying cool and beating the heat?

xo, Anca
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