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Amazon Daily DozenOne of my favorite things to do (especially in the evening with a glass of wine) is to search Amazon for random but cool stuff. Anyone else?! I am starting this new series called “Amazon Daily Dozen” where I share my recent finds! Let’s get started with today’s.

  1. This set of three mason jars is perfect for the guest bathroom! Adds such a chic touch to the counter space.
  2. OK love these spa headbands!! They are perfect for when doing your morning/evening skincare routine, face masks and applying makeup. Also, so cute. (pack of 8)
  3. I just ordered this nice butt” farmhouse decor for our bathroom.
  4. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know how much I LOVE these beauty blenders. Set of 5 for $10 and just as good (if not better) than the really expensive ones!
  5. If you use your computer or phone a lot for work (or pleasure!), then you need these blue light blocking glasses! I find that when I don’t use them I get headaches.
  6. These Amazon brand panties are so good I ordered 3 sets. TTS
  7. I started using these spiral hair ties instead of regular ones a few months ago and they are great for preventing bumps in your hair. When I curl my hair, the curls last longer with these hair ties when I put it up for the night.
  8. I work 8 hours a day in healthcare so it’s very important for me to pack a healthy lunch everyday. These bento boxes are awesome! Great for lunches, picnics or packing snacks for the kids for car rides, day trips, etc
  9. I ordered this garment rack and it”s arriving any day now. Such a chic piece to add to your bedroom.
  10. I’ve had this faux area rug forever now. It sits under my vanity and adds such a chic touch.
  11. This magazine and toilet paper roll basket is great for the ensuite or guest bathroom
  12. This round pouf sits in my closet. It’s also great for living areas and bedrooms.

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