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Bathroom Organization from Amazon

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Bathroom Organization from Amazon

Bathroom Organization Ladder from Amazon

I’ve been on an organizing kick lately, which included updating our linen closet and now our bathroom organization! I got this cute yet super functional storage ladder from Amazon, and placed it in our bathroom for additional organization. This is a great solution if you don’t have a lot of storage space. With the right organization tools, you can make it a perfect addition to your bathroom.

Let’s talk about this ladder for a sec. It’s a rustic, contemporary twist on a regular storage shelf and its warm tones add style to any room. It’s got four shelves for functionality, with wooden shelves and a steel frame. It comes in six different colorways and is under $75! I love that you can use it for any area of your house! It makes a great bookshelf, a house for your plants, or storage for bathroom organization like we did!

Bathroom Organization Ladder from Amazon

I used a variety of baskets and apothecary jars as storage options. Not only are they cute to look at but they’re practical for bathroom organization as well. I’ve showcased two options here so you can get an idea of what they look like. In this first picture on the top shelf, I have some small apothecary jars to host Q-tips, bath salts, and cotton pads. The jars come in a pack of three and are under $20. They are sitting in a rattan woven round basket. I love the look of this basket and it has convenient handles. This gorgeous basket is under $20 at Amazon. To add some beauty to the ladder, I incorporated some fake plants and flowers. It’s such an easy way to elevate our storage ladder without any extra hassle of taking care of the plants (if you’re like me, that is)!

The second shelf holds a large handwoven basket with our washcloths. I also use these baskets in our linen closet as well. They’re so handy. They come in a pack of two for under $40.

Bathroom Organization Ladder from Amazon

I’ve placed these large apothecary jars on the first shelf here, along with some beautiful faux flowers. I house cotton pads, cotton balls, and bath salts in these beautiful jars. I also like to use these baskets to store unopened packages of the toiletries I need. They are so useful! They come in a pack of three, in four colorways and are under $50.

I recently learned how to fold towels like hotels do (check out my TikTok!) and ever since, I love placing my towels on this ladder. I love how they look! Plus these towels are hotel-like quality. They come in a pack of six and are under $20! I use the other handwoven basket with handles to store some extra toilet paper in our bathroom.

Bathroom Organization From Amazon

Last but definitely not least, I placed this beautiful rug in our bathroom as well. It’s so soft and  comes in many different sizes to fit any need. It’s definitely worth the investment! Amazon has seriously been our go-to for everything bathroom organization. I like how affordable it is and am very impressed with the selection and quality of organization items. What’s your organization go-to place?

xo, Anca
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