Chic Office Looks: How to survive summer in the office

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It can get difficult at times to look chic at the office. You want to be comfortable but also look cute too! I am so excited to talk a bit about chic office looks in today’s post.

We all know that summers can be tricky as it’s super hot outside but inside is a different story. Most places have the AC on full blast and we end up freezing cold sitting at our desk with a cup of tea in hand.

So how can you dress for the work day with pleasing both the blazing heat outside and the cool AC inside?

Wear lighter blouses (even if they are long sleeves) like this one I am wearing. With this look, you won’t melt in the heat while walking to get coffee or lunch, and in the office, you will be comfortable because the long sleeves keeps your skin toasty.

Tuck your favorite scarf in your bag for later. A scarf to cover your neck or your legs works wonders even though the rest of your skin is uncovered.

Wear a short sleeve blouse but add a blazer on top. (This works for both men and women!) When you’re heading outside, just leave it behind. It’ll be there to warm you up when you get back from lunch.

Cardigans are amazing because even though they are long sleeve, they are thin enough to wear outside and I love how they help keep you at the perfect temperature with the AC on. And let’s talk about how versatile they are! You can add one to any look.

Don’t wear open toe heels/shoes. There are plenty of shoe options to wear to the office from cute flats to heels. The close toe will help keep them warm in the office.

For the men out there, I recommend wearing lighter fabrics on top paired with a nice pair of chinos. They are the perfect pants option during the hot summer months!

What are some of your tips for staying warm in the office during summer?

xo, Anca
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One thought on “Chic Office Looks: How to survive summer in the office

  1. I am so in love with this look! Especially those pants. They’re such a perfect transition piece from summer to fall. xx

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