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Dorm Room Essentials From AmazonBack to college is upon us, and this post is all about those dorm room essentials from Amazon. These dorm room essentials can help to improve your college experience! Be sure to also check out my last post on college must haves to help prepare you for the school year.


1. Dorm Room in a Bag

Bedding is a dorm room essential! This set from Amazon has you covered with everything you need for bedding and more! It comes with a comforter, laundry bag, fan, lamp, towels, pillows, mattress pads, bed sheets, a fleece throw, storage units, and more. It’s really like a dorm room in a bag!

SHOP IT HERE: Dorm Room in a Bag

Raving Review: It’s basically a dorm room in a bag. Everything was packaged individually and labeled. Thank you for saving me money on the dorm room supplies. –Karen

2. Bedsheets

Bedsheets are dorm room essentials! Bringing an extra set with you helps so you have a spare when laundry day rolls around. These bedsheets are great and come at a great price point. Plus they come in 11 different colors!

SHOP IT HERE: Bedsheets

Raving Review: These are the best sheets I’ve ever owned. I will be throwing out all of the microfiber and other sheets I have and replacing them with 100% cotton jersey sheets, because they are unbelievably awesome.
They are SO soft! And because of the weave and material, they will get softer every time you wash them. Not only that, but since they’re 100% cotton, they are very breathable. The whole reason I bought these is because I kept waking up in the morning with no sheets or comforter on, because I apparently started tossing them off in the middle of the night. This has not happened since I started using these sheets, and how incredibly comfortable they are just sweetens the deal.
Seriously, if you’re still reading this, stop. Scroll up and buy the damned sheets, they’re so darn comfy! –
Canadian Car Guy




3. Shower Slippers

Shower shoes are absolutely dorm room essentials, especially since there are communal showers. These slippers are so comfortable you’ll want another pair to wear them to class too!

SHOP IT HERE: Shower Slippers

Raving Review: These slides are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet! I’m definitely going to be buying another pair in another color!! It actually feels like I am walking on pillows or clouds! –Blake Snider




4. Shower Caddy

A shower caddy is also a must for college dorms! This one is so cute and practical and has drain holes so water doesn’t accumulate!

SHOP IT HERE: Shower Caddy

Raving Review: This is an esthetically pleasing upgrade from my plastic shower caddy! I love it! Love the drain holes which makes it easy to run water over it & clean it? –Erica Banks

5. Drawer Organizer

These drawer organizer inserts are perfect to make sure you’re using up all your space wisely and to avoid clutter!

SHOP IT HERE: Drawer organizer

Raving Review: I use these honeycomb dividers in my underwear and sock drawers. I like that you can get several packs and add or take away dividers to suit the size of your space. With no show socks I can roll them up and fit 2 pairs inside of one ‘cell’. With crew and boot socks, 1 pair/cell. –EstephaninaC


6. Echo Dot

Complete your dorm room with an Echo Dot, so you can play music while you hang out, keep track of any lists you make and any shopping you may need to do! The Dot has so many uses and will be perfect in your dorm room.


Raving Review: I put off for a few years joining the “Alexa” thing. Happened up on a sale for this one and decided to give it a try. I love all the things it can do. Love that I can see I’m running low on something and instead of trying to remember later, just tell Alexa to add to list, dim the lights (bought the bulbs), turn off TV in one hour, play music from multiple places and turn it off whenever I want, turn down or up the volume. I know I haven’t discovered everything that Alexa can do as only had for about a week, however the amount of task that can be stored on one device is amazing. Have sense ordered the larger dot with better sound (got it on sale also) Happy I joined the Alexa team !!!! –Janet C.

7. Canon Printer

I touched on this in my college must haves post, but a printer is absolutely part of my dorm room essentials. If you don’t have time to print your papers/articles at the library, this is for you. It’s so helpful to be able to print on your own time and when you need it!

SHOP IT HERE: Canon Printer

Raving Review: Set up was easy. Print quality is GREAT! Worth the money! –Rickie Phillips



8. Wireless Charger

A wireless charger is perfect for your dorm room! This one is so pretty and has lights to indicate when battery is full.

SHOP IT HERE: Wireless Charger

Raving Review: Easy to use! Love that I don’t have worry about yanking a cord out of the wall in the middle of the night. Charges very quickly and easy to use, also charges through my phone cover. It does have a light on the side that starts green then turns blue while charging, it is not bright nor does it bother me at night. I have the pink one for reference and I liked it so much I bought a second one for my office. They were sold out of the Pink so I went with the rose gold it is very similar only difference I can find is that the light is on top instead of the side. –Sommer Moffitt

9. Digital Alarm Clock

This digital alarm clock is aesthetically pleasing but is also so practical! Make sure you’re on time to class with this beautiful alarm clock. It’s a great Amazon dorm room essential find! It has USB ports so you can also use it to charge some of your electronics.

SHOP IT HERE: Digital Alarm Clock 

Raving Review: This digital clock is always on. I have it set to the dim brightness and it’s just perfect for when you’re trying to sleep at night without it being too bright. It’s a really helpful feature, very happy with my purchase. Thank you!- Charmaine Caswell


10. 3-Tier Utility Cart

This utility cart is a dorm room essential! You can put anything you like on them, like your shower caddy and shower slippers, makeup, etc. It’s so versatile and useful.

SHOP IT HERE: 3-Tier Utility Cart

Raving Review: Absolutely in love with this chart I use it as a beauty cart holds all my essentials it was alittle hard to assemble to get some of the pieces to fit but once we got them it worked perfect!! –Hailey clark


I hope you found these dorm room essentials useful! i’m curious what your dorm room essentials are, if they’re different from mine. Let me know in the comments!

xo, Anca
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