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Are you watching the Bachelorette this Season? The only thing I could think of while watching last night was, poor Rachel! I mean, these guys are something else! Usually I have a pretty good guess on who the final two might be by the first episode  but not this season!

I can tell you who I think is really not good for her. The handsome Chiropractor Bryan. The funny thing is, she gave him the first impression rose. I mean he full on made out with Rachel within hours of meeting her!! I don’t think this guy respects her at all. And I’m going to say it friends, he is NOT there for the right reasons. Anyway, now that I started watching I know I will be glued to my TV Monday nights, so stay tuned for my next week’s episode recap!  

Memorial day is coming up for all my US friends and I wanted to share with you a perfect evening maxi dress.

I love this dress because it has sleeves and is great for those outside evening activities. Red and navy are such a fabulous color combo and the print is just so darling.

I was recently at an event with Joe Fresh and was able to spend a little more time in their store checking out the clothing. They have the cutest things! I don’t think there was a dress that I didn’t love.

xo, Anca
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