Fall 2022 Style Trend: Bomber Jacket

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Today I’m back sharing a Fall 2022 style trend: bomber jacket edition. Bomber jackets, aviator jackets, whatever you want to call them have been all over the fashion A/W runways for this year. Today I’m sharing some bomber jacket option from Amazon that you may want to include in your fall fashion wardrobe! If you missed it, I did a Fall 2022 style trend: equestrian version here.


Bomber jackets are typically a short-waisted jacket with a waistband. They typically have pockets that are fully functional. Think jackets like those seen on aviators back in the day, or Tom Cruise in Top Gun. For this season, choose oversized bomber jackets that you can dress up or down for the most versatility!



1. Classic Black Bomber Jacket

This classic bomber jacket is a perfect Fall 2022 style trend bomber jacket option for fall. You can’t go wrong with black and this style comes in many other colors as well. This option is perfect to dress up or down as well.

SHOP IT HERE: Classic Black Bomber Jacket


classic bomber jacket; fall 2022 style trend

2. Quilted Bomber Jacket

A quilted bomber jacket option is another classic option where you can’t go wrong. Again, this option is easily dressed up or down which makes it a great option to stay trendy this fall! Plus, this jacket comes in 14 colorways so you can choose one that suits your style.

SHOP IT HERE: Quilted Bomber Jacket


3. Cropped Bomber Jacket

This cropped bomber jacket is the perfect option for you if you like to keep things casual. Lightweight enough for those early fall days, this option also comes in 9 different colors.

SHOP IT HERE: Cropped Bomber Jacket


4. Printed Bomber Jacket

This printed bomber jacket is a great take on the style trend! It’s feminine and flirty and can elevate any outfit. This particular option comes in 29 (!) colorway options.

SHOP IT HERE: Printed Bomber Jacket


Fall 2022 Style Trend: Bomber Jacket; leather bomber jacket

5. Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

This faux leather bomber jacket is a great option for fall! It adds style and character to any outfit. There’s a reason these bomber jackets are in so many fashion cycles. They’re a classic, and this faux leather option is no exception.

SHOP IT HERE: Faux Leather Bomber Jacket

I hope you enjoyed this  Fall 2022 Style Trend: Bomber Jacket roundup! What are your fall closet staples or must haves?

xo, Anca
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