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Faster Way To Fat Loss Review

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Faster Way To Fat Loss Review

Faster Way To Fat Loss Review

Hi friends! Happy Monday. I hope you had an amazing weekend. I spent mine relaxing by the pool with hubby. I just got back from Vegas, isn’t it so funny how we feel like we need a vacation post vacay? I swear it’s the flying for me!

I am so excited to share my Faster Way To Fat Loss Review . If you have been following along on Instagram, I did the 6 week program. (This next round is 8 weeks!) It’s something that I have seen pop up all over social media and I was defiantly intrigued. As many of you know, I lost over 100 pounds naturally by eating healthy and exercising. I had a stubborn 10-15 pounds to lose still and so when Cathy ( a FWTFL coach) reached out and asked if I would like to give it a try, I jumped at the opportunity.

What exactly is Faster Way To Fat Loss?

The program, created by Amanda Tress, focuses on intermittent fasting and carb cycling. Intermittent fasting means you fast for 16 hours and have an 8 hour eating window. 8pm – 12pm worked best for me because I tend to be hungrier in the evening rather than the morning time. Carb cycling is when you have a couple of low carb days mixed in with regular carb days. All of this is done by counting your macros on the MyFitnessPal app. (Don’t worry if you think this is confusing, I thought so too but it really isn’t!) Cathy goes through everything in detail.

Who should do Faster Way To Fat Loss?

Anyone who is looking to lose some weight and/or learn to have a better relationship with food. Lots of people think that you have to eat less or just salads and super “boring” foods but that’s simply not true! You actually eat a lot!  In fact, there were days when Cathy told me I wasn’t eating enough and gave me suggestions on how to fix that and get more of what I needed each day.

Five reasons why you should try Faster Way To Fat Loss

  1. Community. Your never alone! One of the things I loved most is that you are added to a private Facebook group with your coach and other individuals doing the program at the same time. Cathy provides load of tips, inspiration and recipes! I also love that everyone was so supportive and we helped keep each other accountable. Everyone uploads a screenshot of their daily macros to the group each night.
  2. You learn so much about food. I always assumed that fat is fat and you shouldn’t consume it as much as possible. But in fact, our body really needs those healthy fats like nuts, avocados and olive oil!
  3. It’s not about the scale. For me, it’s never been about that. I ditched my scale a while ago and you should too! Instead, you track your progress by measuring yourself at the start of the program.
  4. You eat, a lot. Like for real! I was never hungry while on the program! There were times when I thought I was eating too much but I was eating the correct foods and my body new exactly what to do with it. And don’t worry, you can still have a treat! Every Saturday you can treat yourself so long as it fits within your daily macros.
  5. Workouts. You don’t have to worry about doing your own thing, you have access to amazing workouts for each day in your portal! You can select a home or gym workout. Of course you don’t have to do them each day. I was already working out for quite some time so I was able to do them but if you are just starting out, do what you can!

Here’s a sample of what I would eat in a day while I was on the program (check out this amazing salad recipe that I would make on regular macro days, so good and super filling!)

Breakfast/Lunch: I still had my coffee in the morning with a little bit of almond milk. (You can have 50 calories without breaking your fast). 2 eggs, tbsp of bacon bits, 1 tbsp of light mayo and 1/2 avocado.

Faster Way To Fat Loss Review

Snacks: veggies with homemade roasted pepper hummus, apples and nut butter, rice cakes with deli meat.

Dinner: My favourite dinner on low carb days was half can of tuna, 1 tbsp of mayo and half an avocado with some hot sauce. SO good and filling. On regular or low macro days, I would make myself a huge salad and mix it up by adding chicken breast and shredded steak. See my salad recipe above! I also really enjoyed this egg roll in a bowl recipe for lunches, so tasty.

Sign me up!

Ready to try out Faster Way To Fat Loss for yourself? Use this link and sign up to be in Cathy’s next round which starts TODAY! Something huge that I almost forgot to mention is that the program now comes with a complete daily meal plan that includes a grocery list and recipes!

My results:

My measurements when I first started were:

Belly Button: 31

Waist below belly button: 32

Right arm: 11

Left arm: 12

Left leg: 23

Right leg: 22.5

My measurements at the end of 6 weeks:

Belly Button: 29.5

Waist below belly button: 31

Right arm: 10

Left arm: 11

Left leg: 22

Right leg: 21

I notice the most difference in my thighs and arms!

Faster Way To Fat Loss Review

If you have any questions at all, I would love to answer them for you! Feel free to ask away in the comment section below. xx

xo, Anca
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