Five Guilt Free Starbucks Drinks

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Five guilt free Starbucks drinks

Five guilt free Starbucks drinks

Five guilt free Starbucks drinks

Five guilt free Starbucks drinks

Five guilt free Starbucks drinks Happy Thursday babes! You can take the girl out of the Starbucks but you can’t take the Starbucks out of the girl. Or something like that?!! I am excited to share five guilt free Starbucks drinks you can enjoy anytime! Nothing worse (okayy a lot of things can be worse then this) than going to Starbucks with your gals only to have to feel like you can only get a tea. There are so many options that are super yummy and low on calories.

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Guilt Free Starbucks Drinks

What to order: Venti ombre pink Starbucks Refresher with light ice

What it is: Not only is it pretty, but has coconut milk and iced passion tango tea. Add in a lime and a few blackberries for extra flavour. Calories: 170

What to order: Tall light coffee frapp with almond milk and mocha drizzle. 

What it is: This is one of my fave go to coffee drinks for when it’s hot out. It’s exactly what it sounds like, coffee with a tiny bit of chocolate for flavor blended with ice. (no whip! ;)) Yummmm. Calories: 180

What to order: Tall cafe misto in a grande cup with almond milk and 1 pump of sugar free syrup of your choice.

What it is: This is my morning delight. It’s half regular coffee (I get the Pike) topped off with steamed almond milk and 1 pump of sugar free vanilla (or whichever one you like). Calories: 110

What to order: Iced Grande Americano in a Venti cup topped off with Almond or coconut milk.

What it is: It’s just shots over ice and water with a splash of milk. You can also add a flavor to it as well if you like. Calories: 30 (without syrup)

What to order: Venti very berry hibiscus & cool lime refresher combined with extra berries and light ice.

What it is: These are two of their refreshers, but I like to combine them together. Both flavours are soo good together! I ask for light ice and extra berries. Calories: 130-150

I hope you enjoyed this post! What is your fave drink to get from Starbucks?

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xo, Anca
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