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Four Ways To Make Water Taste Better

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Four Ways To Make Water Taste Better

We all know how healthy is is to get our recommended dose of water in each day. I know it can be hard to do so, especially when you are not to crazy about plain ‘ol water.

Because I work out so much, I drink lotssss of water but to be honest, it gets boring after a while! Here are a few ways to make drinking water more enjoyable:

Add some juice. You know when you open a can of pineapple and it comes in that delicious juice? I save that and add a couple splashes to my water. Of course just make sure the juice you are adding doesn’t have any added sugars!

Fruit in ice cubes. This is something I love to do when I have guests coming over. It’s so fancy! I put fresh fruits, lemon, lime and mint in the bottom of the ice cube tray and then cover with water. They look so pretty in the cups filled with water. (this is great for parties and showers!)

Iced Tea. Why spend $5 on an iced tea when you can make it yourself? It’s soo easy! I make a big batch and have it for a couple days. Start by adding 3 tea bags of your choice to a pitcher. Fill it half way with boiling water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Pull out tea bags and fill the rest with cold filtered water. If you are serving it right away, add some ice cubes as well. For one serving, do the same with just one tea bag.

Fresh fruit. I loveeee adding fresh fruit to my water! My fav combo right now is strawberry+lime+mint.

I also love a couple wedges of each lemon +lime especially in the morning, it also helps with cleansing out your system.

Below is a list of tons of other combinations to make drinking water not only easier but delicious too! What’s your favorite mix?

xo, Anca
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