How To Create The Perfect Holiday Bar Cart

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With the holidays right around the corner, it has me thinking about all the hosting to be had with our family and friends!

I love putting together a bar cart every year, and I think this one is my favorite so far. I love a bar cart because it’s a perfect way to add more decor in your home without using a huge part of your kitchen to whip up drinks. Let’s talk about how to create the perfect holiday bar cart so you’ll be ready for all your holiday hosting this year! I’ve also listed some of my favorite products below that you can use for your bar cart!

Essentials for Designing a Dazzling Bar Cart

A well-crafted bar cart serves as a centerpiece, blending functionality and aesthetics seamlessly.

Start with a sturdy cart as your canvas — a versatile foundation for creativity. Layer it with festive linens or a themed backdrop to set the stage. Introduce gleaming glassware, shimmering ornaments, and accents that reflect the merriment of the holidays.

The heart of any bar cart lies in its libations. Embrace the essence of the holidays by offering a diverse selection of beverages. From classic cocktails to signature seasonal mixes, cater to diverse palates and preferences. You can then personalize it by selecting spirits, mixers, and garnishes that evoke the holiday spirit. Think beyond traditional offerings; consider artisanal blends or craft concoctions that embody the festive vibe.

You can then implement thematic embellishments. Festive candles, whimsical napkins, and seasonal trinkets add a charming touch. Incorporate elements that reflect your unique style while resonating with the holiday ambiance. Lastly, make sure to optimize your cart’s layout for practicality. Arrange items strategically for easy access and visual appeal. Utilize trays, boards, or designated sections to organize bottles, tools, and accessories efficiently.

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Bar Cart

First up is this bar cart. This is the second one I have owned and LOVE it. The size is perfect (lots of room for everything), yet it’s stylish and can be used year round. I think the gold with the glass is timeless.

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Chef’s Board

Next, you’ll want to add some texture and height so snag this beautiful gourmet chefs board to display all your bottles, mixers and bitters. I also scattered some trees around the board to make it more festive. This is the set I use for our bitters. They are so pretty! You can use them for other things too. And another bar cart must have is this 11-Piece Gold Bartender Kit. It comes with everything you need to craft those holiday drinks!

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Wine Glasses

For glass and drinkware, I love these gorgeous wine glasses! They are so unique and a conversation starter for sure. They come in a pack of 2, so you may want to grab a few sets to have one for each seat at your dining table. I also just picked up these Moscow Mule Copper Mugs just for Christmas, and I kind of want to start using them now!

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Ice Maker

Lastly, if you are looking for an ice maker, I have had this one for years! I love that it’s a countertop machine so it doesn’t take up a lot of space but makes ice quickly too.

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xo, Anca
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