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How To Organize A Junk Drawer

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Let’s tackle the messiest place in the house together – you know what area I am talking about! Today’s post is on how to organize a junk drawer that is functional and nice to look at too!

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How To Organize A Junk Drawer like a pro!If you watch Friends, you’ll know the scene I am referring too, where the always neat and organized Monica has a secret closet where its “gasp” unorganized and messy! That’s how I feel about one particular place in the house and today we are fixing that! Let’s chat about How To Organize A Junk Drawer like a pro! I am sharing tips and products to use so you can maintain the organization too.

  1. You will want to take everything out of the drawer. I mean everything. While you do so, throw out anything that you know you won’t need to put back in there. So many items end up in the junk drawer thinking we may need it for “later” and that later never comes.
  2. If you will be using organizers inside the drawer, (like I did and highly recommend), then make sure to measure your drawer noting the depth and height of the drawer. I love these ones and these ones that I am using for mine, they come in several sizes so you can use them for a variety of items.
  3. Now you will want to sort the items left into categories like stationary, batteries, flashlights, letter opener. keys, box cutters, etc. If you have a bunch of take out menus, note these places on your phone and toss them out so they don’t make your drawer look messy and use up real estate.
  4. now it’s time to place the organizers in your drawer! You can do this however you like to fit as many organizers as possible. Another reason I love this set, because they kind of fit like a puzzle but giving you a way to keep everything neat and organized at the same time. I used the smaller ones for things like our keys and elastic bands.
  5.  I found that maintaining a junk drawer that has the organizers in place is so much easier and quicker than when everything is tossed in one pile. Taking 5 minutes a week is all it takes to give it a one-over and make sure that everything is placed where it belongs and nothing was thrown in there that actually needs to go in the trash. And there you have it! You completed the How To Organize A Junk Drawer and got an A+!
  6.  PRO TIP: Use museum gel to hold your drawer organizers in place so they don’t move around when opening and closing the drawer. And grab this amazing battery organizer that has a spot for every type of battery that also tests them too so you know when to throw them out!

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How To Organize A Junk Drawer like a pro!

xo, Anca
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