It’s My Birthday!

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Winter CoatI hope you had a magical Christmas filled with lots of love and yummy food!
The day after Christmas is bittersweet for me. On one hand, I am sad that it’s over but on the other hand, it’s my birthday! Normally I am super excited for my birthdays, but this year I am going to be honest with you- I  was DREADING it. The thought of it being my last year in my 20’s really brought me down. I tried to think of why exactly that is. There are a few things. I always said that I was going to have my first baby at 27 (didn’t happen), that I was going to be settled into my career and that my husband and I will buy our first home before I’m 30. Well NONE of that happened.
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But, as I thought about it a little more, so much other things DID happen. (Like starting my blog!) I tried to focus on all the good things that I have in my life. It’s funny how life doesn’t really work the way that you plan. I learned to trust God and follow the path that He has for me. So instead of being sad that it’s my last year in my 20’s, I am going to ENJOY it! 
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I have so many things planned for 2017! I plan to turn my blog into a full time career, travel to New York and Europe and start a new health & fitness routine. I am SO thankful for your support! You mean so much to me! Tell me in the comments below what your New Years plans are! xo
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xo, Anca
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5 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday!

  1. Loved your transparency in this post letting us in on the real!!! Look forward to seeing all you have to share on your blog in the new year! The only set in stone plans are Christmas in Paris & vegetarian challenge 😱

  2. Happy birthday! I feel the same way as you as I approach my late 20s but we’ve also accomplished so much! Focus on all the positives and I know you’ll achieve amazing thing. Have a great birthday!

  3. When I turned 31 it really hit me…. I was no longer 30, I was ‘in my thirties’. There was no turning back (as though I could have). I had such big plans for my 20s that had never panned out: marriage, children, a house, etc. Instead all I had was chronic illness, a bad breakup of a long term relationship and a move home to my parents basements. Sounds awesome, I know!

    I am now 43 and love my life. My 30s were great, but my 40s have been the best yet! I made good decisions that have left my financially secure and have allowed me to get married and travel the world with my sister. I still have dreams and goals I am working towards but I am secure in myself and am loving life.

    Long story short, it only gets better!!!!

    Love your blog, and love that you are a fellow Canadian!

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