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Linen Closet Organization from Amazon

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Linen Closet Organization from AmazonShop: 

I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since I last posted about our linen closet organization, here! We updated our linen closet this year and we love it even more. We were able to find affordable storage products and solutions from Amazon that help keep us organized and stylish at the same time. We like using storage baskets and containers to help us maximize the space we have. In this post, I’ll show you some linen closet storage solutions that we have and love!

Linen Closet Organization from AmazonAmazon has been our go to for storage solutions in our house, and our linen closet is no exception! Since we already had a linen closet shelving unit, we looked for complementary storage boxes and baskets to help us stay organized.

Linen Closet Organization from AmazonWe had some extra space at the top of our linen closet shelving unit, so we opted for these collapsible fabric storage cubes. They are the perfect organization solution for items that you don’t want to be visible, and they helped us with our linen closet organization to use up all our space. They come in a pack of six, in six different colorways, and are under $20!

Linen Closet Organization from AmazonFor items in high quantities like Q-tips, cotton pads/balls and bath salts, I like to store them in apothecary jars . They are beautiful and useful! We used the large glass apothecary jars for larger storage of bath salts and cotton pads and balls. They come in a pack of three and in assorted sizes. For Q-tips, we used the smaller apothecary jars. They also come in a pack of three, or singles in different sizes. We love them for our linen closet but these jars can be used in any room of the house! We store our bath towels on the top shelf of our linen closet, and these towels are amazing. They are super absorbent, spa-like quality, and 100% cotton. They come in a pack of four for under $35!

Linen Closet Organization from AmazonLet’s talk baskets. I love utilizing storage baskets for organizing because they are so versatile and come in different shapes, sizes and materials! You can use them for organization anywhere in your home. For our linen closet, I went with several different ones, all for different purposes.

On the top shelf, I used a handwoven basket that comes with convenient wooden handles to store our washcloths along with the small apothecary jars. The same basket is on the second shelf, filled with washcloths. These baskets come in a pack of two, and are under $40. These washcloths are also from Amazon! They come in a pack of 24 for less than $20! I use a wire basket to keep extra hair styling products, but again, they’re so versatile you can keep just about anything in them! I love the rose gold color. These wire baskets come in a pack of 6, in six different colors, and are under $45! On the second shelf I use a banana leaf basket for extra bathroom items storage. The banana leaf baskets come in a pack of 3 and are under $25!

Linen Closet Organization from AmazonI store all my towels in our linen closet, and on the top shelf I have our hand towels that we also get from Amazon. We love the quality and the price can’t be beat! We enjoy the spa- like quality, and they come in a pack of six for less than $20! We also get our loofahs from Amazon, and of course, they are stored in a basket! They come in a pack of three for under $7!

On the second shelf we placed these gorgeous round braided rope and seagrass baskets to store cleaning supplies and extra bathroom products. Again, these baskets can work in any room! They come in a pack of three, with different sizes for under $50. They look great, are super useful, and were helpful with our linen closet organization! Place the large one in your living space to house your throw pillows or throws!

Linen Closet Organization from AmazonThese large foldable storage bins on the bottom of our linen closet have been one of the best additions to our linen closet. We use them to store toilet paper, paper towels, bed sheets, bath salts, you name it. They work so well for us! We are able to keep items in there without sacrificing style and cohesion. They also work in any room, and the bins are foldable, which is super convenient if you aren’t using them for a bit. They come in a pack of three, in a variety of sizes and colours, and are under $25!

Linen Closet Organization from AmazonI love a freshly organized space! This laundry basket is not only aesthetically pleasing but it’s also durable and practical. It can hold laundry for two people, and its convenient handles are useful for carrying. It comes in three neutral colors and is under $30!

Linen Closet Organization from AmazonThere’s something about an organized space that brings me so much joy! How are you going to organize your space so it works for you? Let us know in the comments.

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