Looking To Try A New Deodorant? Check This Out

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Looking To Try A New Deodorant? Check This OutLooking to try a new deodorant? Keep reading, I have the perfect one for you!

In the last year, I have been more conscious of the products I apply to my body. I was always aware that most deodorants have aluminium in them (which can be very harmful) and so I started exploring brands that are aluminium free but also provide up to 24 hours protection.

I was sent three different Crystal deodorants over a month ago to try. As usual, I always test out products for a month or so before I give a review. My first impression of them was the packaging and how they are easy to use and store.  I really love how they have something for everyone. A spray, roll-on and my fav – the stick where you wet it with water first and then apply. This product alone can last up to a year and only $6.99!

I really enjoyed reading about how they got the name “Crystal.” The founder was introduced to a mineral salt product used to purify water on a trip to France. He realized these mineral salts work as a natural, powerful, and hypoallergenic deodorant, so he started importing the mineral salts, shaping them by hand, and selling them as Le Crystal Naturel. Over the years, they changed the way they package their products, but the quality stayed the same and you feel amazing applying safe and natural products on your body. I also appreciate that they do not test on animals.

If you have been following me for a while now, you’ll know I spin 6x a week, so a good deodorant is crucial for me. You guys, this brand is the real deal! I have already told so many people about and I am so excited to share with YOU as well so you can give it a try. The best part is they are so affordable and long lasting.

I keep this spray one in my gym bag for when I have to run out to grab groceries or a quick meeting after a workout. PS. I just saw that they are currently offering a fab promo. Spend over $22 and get 3 free gifts! It’s the perfect time to try out Crystal!

Looking To Try A New Deodorant? Check This Out

Looking To Try A New Deodorant? Check This Out

Looking To Try A New Deodorant? Check This Out



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