Morning Routine + Cute workout pieces

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A healthy morning routine is so important to incorporate in your day. It really helps set you up for success. I started a morning routine a couple months ago and really seen great results in my health and overall mood. This year is all about getting into shape and fuelling my body with nutritious food. I started the first month of the month doing the whole30 and now Weight Watchers which is going amazing!

I am someone that does really well by sticking to a schedule so a morning routine works so well. I wake up, wash my face and drink a cup of lemon water and then 2 cups of regular water. It is so important to start each day with water. It gets your metabolism going, flushes out toxins and hydrates you. I just read an article on how beneficial ginger is for your health and helps with weight lose. They suggest boiling ginger in water for 15 minutes and you can add lemon to it after it cools. I will be trying it this week!

I will then make my coffee and read my daily devotions. I  enjoy this “me time” so much, it really helps get my day started on the right foot.

Breakfast comes next and I will usually have an omelette or oatmeal with fruit. I spend about 30 minutes catching up on emails and then head to the gym for a sweat sesh! I can’t say it enough, cute workout clothes totally motivates you to go workout! I am so excited to share some of my fave pieces with you. Some of them are on sale too (score!)


Workout tops & sweatshirts


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Do you have a morning routine? What is the first thing you do when you wake up?

xo, Anca
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