Must Have Items To Pack For An International Trip

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Packing the right items for an international trip can be the difference between a great or not so great time away. As a professional homebody, I pack all the essentials I need to prepare and make my trip as stress-free as possible. We will start from airplane must haves, to what items to pack in your suitcase . International trips (heck, even domestic ones) can feel daunting, but with this post under your belt, you will be prepared and excited for the adventure that lies ahead of you!

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What to pack for an international Flight

Let’s start with your personal bag. I love this backpack because it fits under the seat but so spacious! I travelled with this to Europe this past summer and was able to fit all my essentials. For your passport holder, consider this one that has a spot for an airtag. The last thing you want is to lose your passport on an international trip! These are so cute and come in several colorways. I once forgot to bring a Power Adapter and spent so much money on one at the airport! This is the one we used all month in Europe and loved it! I also love this 3-in-1 charger. Its so compact and charges all your devices at once with just one cord. Perfect for the airplane and then later to use in the hotel/airbnb too. A good travel pillow is non negotiable and I found this one that supports your neck and chin! nothing like trying to sleep on the plane and keep waking up because you don’t have enough neck and chin support. I added this lip balm with SPF as you get the suns rays while you are flying and it’s so important to protect your skin while flying too. (I share one of my favorite sunscreens in the next section). If you love to read, a Kindle is the perfect time passing item to brig along with you! I don’t love a big bulky wallet when travelling, so I bought this one and it’s the perfect size for the cards you will be bringing with you. I ALWAYS get dry hands when flying so this one is always in my bag and the Summer Fridays mask SAVES my skin from how dehydrated you get when on an airplane! These socks are so cozy and warm for when your feet get cold! I always have some sort of sanitizer on me and these ones are so gentle and wont dry out your skin. An ice roller helps with puffiness. I use it when I apply my serums, it helps to absorb the product into your skin.

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What to pack in your toiletries bag for an International flight

Let’s take a look at what to add to your toiletries bag next. For a bag, I recommend this BagSmart one. I LOVE this brand and have nearly everything they make! The quality is amazing and will last you a while. I have the large one and it fits all the items I need for my trips. It comes in several colorways. When looking to buy travel bottles, always go for the silicone ones. They are easy to fill and you can easily squeeze all the product from them. They are reusable too. These are TSA approved sizes so you can take them with you on the plane. I also love these airless pump bottles that are perfect for lotions, serums, sanitizers etc. I never travel without a pill organizer! This one is small and compact but has 8 Compartments. I love this power toothbrush for travel because it has a travel case which is so important to make sure it stays clean. OK, I SWEAR by this throat spray! During cold & flu season, I don’t ever travel without it and take it everyday. It works so well! They have one for kids too. Don’t forget sunscreen! The sun rays are so strong when flying, so you’ll want to protect your skin! I also always bring my mini hair brush with me (this one is a detangler!) and this mini mirror is great for travel because it’s 1X/3X Magnification, Lighted and Folding too.

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Packing must haves for an International flight

Let’s start with a really good luggage set! I love this one because of the hard shell and how easy it is to glide through the airport with them. The wheels make or break a luggage set! Make sure to snag these luggage covers to protect your shiny luggage from getting damaged and dirty! Do you travel with packing cubes? They are a game changer! These ones here are even compression cubes which will give you more space in your luggage. Not only do they save you space, but they help you stay organized too. I don’t like to put my shoes in with the rest of my things, so I always use this shoe bag. It fits several pairs, and in the summer I am able to fit up to 5 pairs of sandals and slides! How cute are these preppy patch pouches? I love that they have the lettering on them so you can organize all your items properly. It’s always so nice to arrive at your hotel and know exactly where everything is! I can’t do a travel must haves guide and not share the BEST toiletry bag! I’ve have had mine for years and it’s still going strong. There are 2 sizes available to suit your needs. I recommend the medium for up to two weeks away, and the large for longer. Something else that you might just need is a Cable Organizer Bag for all your electronics. This one will fit a battery pack and all the cords you are bringing with you. I used to “lose” my chargers all the time in my backpack, I love how I can always find them in here! If you travel with a laptop (which I feel like most of us do!) Make sure you use a laptop sleeve or bag to protect it fro falls and damage. I like this one because of it’s Three-layered material structure for Drop & Impact Protection. It also comes with a bonus pouch too. These are only “essential” if you travel with them, but for my fellow jewelry and sunglasses enthusiast, grab this sunglasses case to protect them from breaking, and this jewelry case has a spot for everything! Lastly, you can never have too many battery banks (okay, maybe you can!) but this one is my favorite to travel with because you can charge 5 (!!!) devices at a time!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it valuable for your next International Trip! I would LOVE to hear where you are jetting off too (or where you plan too) in the comments section below! You can also read this post for more travel content!

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