NYFW Recap

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NYFW RecapHey friends, happy Friday and first day of fall! I had the pleasure of attending NYFW this year, a dream of mine for as long as I can remember. Well, visiting NYC has been on my bucket list since I was 16 so this trip was extra special!

I got to share a room with one of my fave bloggers @lizzieandlace. We had so much fun and even though we have never met IRL before, it felt like we were old friends.

NYFW was everything I imagined it to be and more. From the shows to the street style and meeting my Instagram friends in real life, it was a week full of memories I will never forget.  There is so much I learned from attending this year, I will defiantly be more prepared for the craziness next year! I thought I would share them with you and for all you gals that are planning on attending.

  1. If you are sharing a room with someone, make sure it’s someone that you can trust and will get along with . (Lizzie and I did everything together and it helped that we were able to share the uber/taxi costs!)
  2. Bring a pair of comfy chic shoes and have them in your bag at all times! There were a few times where my flats saved me in between shows when we had to walk to brunch/shoots/meetings etc
  3. Bring water/snacks. I mean I read in plenty of blogs that it’s going to be crazy busy but I didn’t know we wouldn’t even have time to eat! (we ate like once a day!) have some snacks in your bag and buy water bottles when you first arrive so you can grab a couple each day from your hotel fridge.
  4. One of the things about engaging in an online community is that when you meet them in person, sometimes they’re everything you think they are and sometimes they end up disappointing you. I experienced this myself at NYFW and rather that feeling snubbed I chose to just ignore it and enjoy the time I had with the gals that I am lucky enough to now call my friends. Take it from me, don’t ever let that bother you. You don’t need to be everyone’s friend. There is plenty of amazing #bossbabes that will adore you!
  5. Make sure there is room in your luggage for goodies you will bring back and things you buy. I had to leave some things behind sadly because another toothpick wouldn’t fit in my luggage. (no joke!)
  6. Ask your hotel front desk if they can kindly upgrade you to a room with a view or a bigger room. I can guarantee this will always happen but we were able to get a bigger room with an amazing bathroom. (it helps when there are two girls getting ready several times a day at the same time!)
  7. Up your style game. They say to stay true to your style even at fashion week but I disagree. NYFW is the one time where you can wear anything you want. The street photographers are attracted to bold colors, elaborate prints, feathers, sequins you name it! I’m already thinking about my looks for 2018!
  8. Enjoy every minute! You are in NYC at FASHION WEEK! Take it all in and take photos of course, but also be in the moment. I took lots of snaps during the shows but I also put my phone down and just enjoyed being there, in that moment. Sometimes I just wanted to pinch myself as it felt like a dream!
  9. Bonus: You must try NYC pizza! It’s as good as they say! I recommend a place called $99 cent pizza on Lexington Ave in Manhattan. Sooo good!

Those are all my tips! Do you have any? Would love to hear them!  Thanks so much for reading. xx

xo, Anca
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