Perfect Curls with T3micro

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As someone wise once said (wise person being me ;)) there is nothing better than perfect curls that last all day. Okay, so maybe I am not that wise but I do know that T3micro will deliver just that!

I fell in love with this brand when I tried their amazing blow dryer and flat iron. I have always had a difficult time curling my own hair until I started using the whirl trio. Life changing!  Three Interchangeable Barrels. Endless Styling Possibilities. Literally! I love how easy they are to use, heats up extremely quick and even has a one hour power off (I know we have all been guilty of forgetting at least once!). The heat resistant mat that comes with it has been so amazing, I simply place my iron on it every time I grab a section of my hair.

I have used all the interchangeable barrels and I don’t really have a favourite as they are all fabulous. I love this set because it gives you the option to have lose, wavy or more polished curls.

I have found that dividing your hair and starting from the bottom works best (the clips that come with this work very well). Because I am right handed, curling my hair on the right side seems to work best for me. Once each section is curled, I hair spray it right away. Now that I have done it a few times, it takes me about 30 min to curl my hair! #Goals

Have you tried the t3  whirl trio yet? xx

xo, Anca
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