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Holiday GlamOne of the best things about my blog is getting emails from you guys! Recently I have been getting allot of questions so I thought I would put together ten of the ones I get the most!


  1. How long have you been married? It will be 8 years in June!
  2. Who is your photographer? My husband Ben. He took photography classes long before I started my blog and I love doing this with him.
  3. Do you blog full time? I do not yet blog full time although that is my plan for the new year! I am a therapist working with kids with Autism.
  4. Where is the best place you travelled? A few years ago Ben and I went to Austria and visited Vienna. It was so beautiful! We plan to travel allot more in 2017 including New York for the first time!
  5. Whats’s your go to outfit? It really depends on my mood that day but most days you can find me in a cute tunic over tights with booties and a scarf! It’s comfy but chic at the same time.
  6. How/why did you start blogging? I used to own my own bridal store and then soon after that a production company and had blogs for both businesses. When I sold my companies, I felt like I still needed that creative outlet that I had with them and so my blog was born!
  7. How do you deal with negativity? Here’s the thing: as long as there is internet, negative people and comments will exist. But I have learned that people who spend their time hurting and putting others down are fighting their own battle. It’s coming from somewhere deeper. 9/10 times it’s out of jealousy. I really just don’t pay any attention to it. The good far out weighs the bad!
  8. Are kids in the future for you and your husband? Absolutely! We can’t wait to start a family of our own. I come from a large family (10 kids) and have 16 nieces and nephews that I love to bits!
  9. You must have such a big wardrobe! What do you do with your clothes? I do a closet clean up twice a year and my sisters are usually more than happy to shop my closet lol! but I also donate a bunch to a local charity here in Vancouver.
  10. How old are you? I will be 29 on Monday. (Yes boxing day!)

Thank you SO much for all your questions!! Keep them coming, I’ll be doing another Q&A soon! My email is

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! xo

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xo, Anca
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  1. These are my favorite type of posts! I loved getting to know you. It’s so supportive that your husband takes your pictures! And that skirt is so cute!

    SC Sister

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