Transformation Tuesday & 3 things I do every morning

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Happy Tuesday friends! Today I am sharing a Transformation Tuesday post as I haven’t done one since I started my new lifestyle journey. I call it that because I don’t believe in diets. I made a decision to become healthier for 2018 and that’s exactly what I have been doing. Trust me, I have tried pretty much every diet in the book and they don’t work. 

Changing your lifestyle to make healthier choices doesn’t happen overnight. It’s small changes each day that lead to results. It’s starting with a short walk around the neighbourhood and slowly increasing it to a longer walk or maybe a run. It’s still eating your favorite foods but in smaller portions and maybe only a couple times a week instead of everyday. I remember trying to do a certain “diet” that didn’t allow you to have coffee cream. If you know me even a little, you’ll know how much I love my coffee with cream in the morning. Taking that away from me would not make me a happy person! I am happy to report that I still lost weight while enjoying my coffee with cream every morning!

We are meant to enjoy life and it’s little pleasures. That’s why Weight Watchers worked for me. I was able to enjoy my fave foods but learned so much about portions. Going out for dinner for a friends birthday? No problem! Eat lots of “free foods” during the day like fruits, veggies, eggs, chicken and save your points for your dinner.

Without exaggerating, I think I “started” a few hundred times in the past. What was different this time is that I fully understood this was a lifestyle journey, not a race. It takes time and patience. It takes courage to throw away the scale and not focus on the numbers but on how you feel. I am sharing a few before and after photos as per your request! I just want to say, there is nothing wrong with the size that I was when I started. What was wrong, was that I was unhappy with myself. I didn’t do it for anyone but for me. Size is just a number! As long as you are 100% happy when you look at yourself in that mirror, that all that matters.

Three things I do every morning:

5 minute stretch. Your body need a good stretch after a long nights sleep. I just do 3-5 stretches and it really helps!

Lemon water: Before anything, I drink 2 cups of lemon water. It helps maintain the pH balance in your body and protects the body against Immune System deficiencies.

Coffee and devotions. Whether it’s the Bible a book or a daily devotions, it’s so important to start the day with something positive.


Transformation Tuesday & 3 things I do every morning

Transformation Tuesday & 3 things I do every morning

Transformation Tuesday & 3 things I do every morning


Transformation Tuesday & 3 things I do every morning

Transformation Tuesday & 3 things I do every morning

Transformation Tuesday & 3 things I do every morning

I am working on a blog post on “my story” and where I’ll go more into depth on my “why”, how I stay on track, workouts, etc so keep an eye out for that! I also share lots of recipes and tips on Instagram, so feel free to follow me on there as well! xx


xo, Anca
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3 thoughts on “Transformation Tuesday & 3 things I do every morning

  1. Just so proud of you, Anca! 😘 We love following along this healthy lifestyle of yours! And so glad you’ve found that healthy balance all while enjoying life, so so important!

    And just know girl, you’ve always been so beautiful inside and out.

    xo, Lydia

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