Transformation Tuesday

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Transformation Tuesday & palm print dress

Transformation Tuesday & palm print dress

Transformation Tuesday & palm print dress

Transformation Tuesday & palm print dress

Transformation Tuesday & palm print dress

Happy Tuesday! Thanks so much for stopping by. I wanted to share this palm print dress with you today unfortunately sizes are gong fast. I found this one that is super similar and great price point, as well as a few other pieces that I am loving.

It’s such a good throw on and go piece for busy weekends and weekday dinners. I will wear mine mostly with a pair of flats but you can dress is up a bit by pairing it with a nude heel.

I just realized that since I started my weight loss journey in January, I haven’t shared a transformation Tuesday post with you. As I mentioned before, I don’t go by the scale, but by how I feel. In the photo below, I remember feeling self conscious, uncomfortable and just over all not happy with myself. I would never take of my bathing suit cover in the summer time and only go in the pool if it was me and close family. I really hated feeling this way and new I had to make a change in my life.

I started with the whole30 in January and although I wasn’t 100% into it (it was just to restrictive for me) it helped kick start a new and healthy journey for me. So in February I started Weight Watchers and that’s where it all started to change. It was so easy because I was able to eat anything I wanted but all within my given points. The free points food quickly became staples as I would have them with me on the go and in the evenings when I got hungry. The reason it works so well is because you are not on a diet, all you are doing is portioning out your food and documenting it in the app.

I didn’t start working out till April as I knew if I started two big changes in my life, I was more likely to fail. For two months I just focused on the eating part and getting WW in my routine. In April, I started BBG, kick boxing and spinning. I know that my body gets used to something real quick so switching up my workouts are important to see those results.

It really is all mind over matter. If you think that you can’t do it or your are not strong enough, you are wrong! You can do anything you set your mind too.

A few tips for getting started:

Trust the process and don’t rush it. Don’t look in the mirror after a day of eating healthy and expect to see change. All good things take time.

I get that some people have to weigh themselves but try to go more by how your clothes fit and inches lost instead of the scale.

Meal prep is everything. I can’t stress this enough! Ben and I spend 3-4 hours every Sunday meal prepping for the week. It also saves tons of time which can be a lifesaver if your days are crazy trying to get everyone out the door.

Drink lotsssss (did I mention lots?) of water. This will help keep you full in between meals and flush out all the toxins in your body. Change it up by adding fruit and lemon if you get bored of plain h2o.

Don’t skip out on date & girls night. The WW app has almost every restaurant with the menus and points. If you know you will be going out later that day, have lots of free point items like fruit, chicken and eggs. Just make sure you are sticking to your allowed daily points.

To avoid getting bored, use the recipes in the app, there are so many! And the best part is they are all so good and family friendly so you don’t have to cook a separate meal for yourself.

Below, is a photo of me taken last year. I was a size 16. I am now a size 8 and feeling so much happier in my own skin. I just want to say that everyone and every body is different and there truly is no such thing as a perfect body. If you are 100% confident, happy and feel beautiful in your skin, you have the perfect bod! For me, that was not the case so I made a change. I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below! xx

Transformation Tuesday

xo, Anca
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