Travelling To Kelowna in The Ford Edge

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Happy Tuesday! A couple weekends ago Ben and I were travelling to Kelowna in the Ford Edge and it was one of the best road trips we went on! Neither of us have ever been so we loaded up the Ford Edge and started on the five hour drive up to wine country. (I have fallen in love with this car! Keep reading to learn more about it and some of my favorite features)

There are two ways to drive up to Kelowna, through the mountains or through Hope (the way we came back) . We took the mountain route driving up and it was so gorgeous! The sky was clear and as soon as we got out of Chilliwack, the roads were almost empty. (Make sure you pack lots of water and snacks like beef jerky!)

We arrived in Kelowna around 1 pm and ready to have lunch! Boston Pizza has the best lunch menu and so we decided to go there. After filling up, I changed into a pretty floral dress (see similar here) and we headed to Quail’s Gate ,one of the many wineries in the Okanagan Valley. There is something so special about walking through the vineyards, makes me wish I had my wedding there! After our walk we decided to do a wine flight. Ben chose the vegetarian and I opted for the cheese. The gentleman that worked there educated us on the different wines and how they paired perfectly with the food. I really enjoyed sampling all the different wines but I will always be a sweet white wine kind of gal! There was one from the tasting that I really enjoyed so I made sure to grab one from their store before we left.

After visiting a few more wineries we were ready to check into our B&B, A Touch Of English. It was a 20 minute drive from where we were, but we didn’t mind. The drive was beautiful and we got to see more of the gorgeous city.

As soon as we pulled up to the B&B the owner, Clare came outside and warmly welcomed us before we could even park! (We chatted on the phone a few times prior to our visit and she already felt like an old friend).

I’m trying to put into words how to describe our stay. I felt like I was in one of those hallmark movies that makes you feel all warm inside. I quickly pulled out my credit card to pay for our stay before we were shown to our room but Clare wasn’t even interested in that. Her words were ” we can take care of that later, we are like family here, let’s get you settled.”

The entire place was amazing! We stayed in one of the spacious suites downstairs with a private entrance. The B&B also had a large outdoor pool . (Which we enjoyed later that night.) Once we were settled, Clare welcomed us to the terrace where we enjoyed the company of other guests over high tea. (her scones were to die for!)


Clare also took the time to tell is about the best places to dine in the area. We took her suggestions and drove down to the water front. The sun was setting, the temperature was getting cooler so it was the perfect time for a pre-dinner walk! The places she mentioned were super busy and the lines were crazy so we decided to go to Cactus Club. (There was still a wait just not as long) Needless to say, we were ready to head back and get some beauty sleep!

One of my favorite things about staying at B&B’s is the different people you meet and of course the food. They always have the best breakfast and at A Touch Of English was no exception! The chef, also Claire’s amazing husband Kelly, has worked as an executive chef and so it was no surprise that his three course menu was fantastic.

It was so lovely to chat with the other guests over breakfast and share stories about where we are from. Something that you just don’t get staying at a hotel! Clare & Kelly, thank you so much for the amazing stay! On your website it says, “come as guests, leave as friends” and that is certainly is true! We will be back!

About the Ford Edge:

I don’t think we could have picked a better vehicle for this trip if we tried! The Ford Edge is the perfect car for day-to-day to loading up the fam jam and heading on a road trip.  From the review camera to the blind spot mirror and the foot activated lift-gate, this car is the real deal. I was pleasantly surprised how good it was on mileage! We only had to fill up once. (The gas tank was full before we left as well)

When I think about having kids, one of the things that comes to mind is having a safe car. I loved that the Edge is an SUV but it’s not massive. The blind spot mirrors gave me piece of mind on the windy roads. Ben is ALWAYS cold an I am always hot so having the single zone air conditioning was amazing!

Here’s a few more features that I absolutely loved:

It also has a double sunroof which would be amazing for these hot summer nights!

The heated seats and steering wheel. (It’s hard to imagine now but it does get pretty cold in the winter!)

Review and front camera (I loved the front camera for parking!)

The foot activated liftgate is perfect for people like me who always have tons of stuff in their hands.

You don’t need your key to get in and start the car! (So long as the keys are in detected by the car) More often than not I stand next to the car for five minutes trying to find those darn things in my purse.

Thank you so much Ford Canada for lending me the Ford Edge for the week! It was such a pleasure to drive!


xo, Anca
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  1. We are having our first baby and hubby and I are actually trying to decide between an escape and a edge!We are leaning towards to edge and after seeing your post I am even more excited about it! ps. your trip looked amazing

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