Want to look more chic? Keep reading for some tips!

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We all want to look more chic but without the expensive price tag! Keep reading for 7 easy tips to look more chic in minutes!

  1. Add a belt.  A belt instantly elevates your style! Wear one with jeans and show it off by tucking your shirt in or even on a dress to show off your waste. I am loving this one and this one for jeans and dresses or wear this one with a blouse.
  2. Treat yourself to a new lippie! Bold hues are totally in right now, grab one of your fav shades and wear it proud! Don’t be afraid to show off that pout! Check out Sephora for tons of options! How to look more chic on a budget
  3. Handbag. I don’t know about you, but my outfit is never complete without a handbag! You don’t need to have a huge collection either, find a neutral that you really love and that will go with all your fall looks. I am loving this one and it’s under $100! How to look more chic on a budget
  4. A pair of sunglasses. Instantly look more glam! Best part is you can wear them with literally any outfit! I just bought these ones and I wear them everyday! Can you believe they are only $14?! How to look more chic on a budget
  5. Do something different with your hair. Give your locks some volume by curling it or even a top knot! If I don’t have time to style it, I’ll quickly back comb it, had some hair spray and voila! You got volume babe! How to look more chic on a budget
  6. Add a bold color. Whether it be from your shoes, bag or nail polish, add a bold color to your outfit to make it stand out! How to look more chic on a budget
  7. Accessorize. Heels, scarfs, jewellery are all perfect ways to elevate your style! I love wearing a scarf with pretty much all my outfits in the fall and winter! A pair of booties with a little heel (like these ones) will be your best friend this season.How to look more chic on a budget

Do you have any tips to look more chic this season? Would love to know! xx

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xo, Anca
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5 thoughts on “Want to look more chic? Keep reading for some tips!

  1. I love these tips. I work for a wee nonprofit and feel like I can’t afford to be as fashionable as others so these tips are great! Also, I have been following you for a bit and to be honest I am the most unfashionable person out there, but since I’ve started following you I have gotten some great ideas! So thanks! I also love that a lot of your clothes are affordable and I was actually really proud of myself that I bought a sweater from target and then the next you posted about the same one! 😄

  2. My other comment got deleted some how. So I’ll be a spazz and post again. I loved these tips. I am on a strict budget and anything to help me along the way is so helpful! I have been follOwing you for a wee bit and to be honest I am the most unfashionable person you will ever meet but I have taken some tips and looks from you and I feel like I’m starting to get it. So thank you! And I felt very proud of myself because I bought this sweater from Target and then the next day you did an Instagram story about it! 😄

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